Green Lumberjack
"Working with Compsure was a pleasure. The process was logical, orderly and very effective. In the end, we stayed with our current carrier and broker and saved significantly over the original renewal quotation. I highly recommend working with Compsure"
Tom S
President, Plastics MFG
"I now know more than I ever thought I would about the insurance bidding process. CompSure made sense of the very complicated workers comp insurance industry. At no cost to us, they collected and presented the most competitive market proposals and we ended up with the most proactive insurance broker I have ever worked with, very refreshing. It was the easiest and most confident workers comp decision we have made in 31 years."
Restaurant Owner
"My experience with Compsure was great! The whole process was so simple and I was constantly being kept informed of the progress. The best part is, at zero cost to us, we saw a significant savings in our workers comp insurance premiums even with a significant increase in our mod. I would recommend Compsure to any of my colleagues.”
Kevin T
Owner, Multi-location Restaurant Franchise​
“I was facing a large increase in my workman's comp rate due to a large increase in my experience mod. Eddie at Compsure found me a great rate with a great broker. I saved thousands of dollars. I would recommend Compsure to everyone who wants to save money.”
CFO, Restaurant Franchise Owner
“I rely heavily on budgets to guide my business. Prior to using CompSure, I never had a good idea of what my workers compensation renewal pricing would be until literally days before expiration. It appears the brokers hold their numbers tight until very last minute. Now that I use CompSure, I receive a worst-case scenario premium forecast months before my renewal, and those forecasts help us save considerable premium dollars each year.”
W. Shannon
American Vision Windows
“I have been in business for more than 30 years and oversee the purchasing of the workers’ compensation for all my companies. Prior to using CompSure, I found the same narrative over and over at each renewal. The broker would present little to no options, last minute, and would always try and justify rate increases. With CompSure things are different. Now, multiple brokers compete to present much better pricing and services. We now have more options to choose from with more lead time and the pricing is reducing at each renewal. I have saved more than $600,000 in workers’ comp premiums by using the CompSure process. I would recommend them to any business!”
D. Zilberberg
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