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What goes into workers compensation insurance premiums? Do you know what impacts the premiums? What services can be provided and by who? Or even how industry, region, and even your employees’ footwear can affect your rates?

These are granular details that make an impact on one of your biggest expenses as an employer. A decision of that magnitude should be informed, but we understand this is not your core competency; It’s ours. Utilizing our proprietary process and tailoring it to your needs you have the ability to be educated on what’s going and what is impacting your rates.


CompSure likes to break out its services into three categories tailored to your needs as a business: Full Service, Self Service, and Hybrid Service. The Full Service means CompSure takes the wheel while you give the directions, we do all of the heavy lifting in support of your business and only contact you when it is necessary, you still have full control of what to do next here. The Self Service means you and your staff take on all steps and manage the process yourself utilizing our tools and guidance, we still have some work to do on our end but you’ll be managing the process. The Hybrid Service is the best of both worlds, you manage the data, we manage the process, we work together throughout!

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Take Control, Stay Informed

Our proprietary process gives you a central point of control to obtain as many proposals as possible that are electronically prequalified using our exclusive proposal management and scoring system. With our process you’ll understand what’s going on and when, with constant updates as well as what information they are capturing to provide your quotes.


This knowledge gives you the power to make informed decisions on your timeline. You can better balance what you need to determine the best broker for you, your existing broker or a different one, and get consistently better rates and services year in and year out. You’re in control.


With CompSure, the insurance language and industry become easier to interpret and therefore easier to navigate.

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