Navigating the workers’ comp landscape is difficult, especially if you don’t know what’s involved or what are the next steps. The CompSure Process keeps things simple for you, and guides you on your journey to your next renewal.

We see businesses struggling to make the right decision because they don’t have ample time to take the correct course of action, and instead the process is turned into a reaction with no other options, so it seems. CompSure is a game changer; we make sure you have the time to explore and make the right decision. This is achieved by starting our process months in advance, not a few days, and utilizing our proprietary Timeline.

Utilizing CompSure’s Timeline you’ll be able to know what’s happened, what’s coming, and what’s due. Our proprietary Timeline is divided into 12 easy steps for you, laid out in an easy to read, legible fashion so you won’t get lost. With this timeline you’ll be able to understand and anticipate what’s next, in what format, and how to respond.

Foresee What’s Coming

With our Benchmark report, we utilize a collection of data from your business and the industry. This gives you insight as to where your premium should be going. You will not be buried in spam. All of your data is confidential and will never be sent out without your consent, even during our bidding process.

This proprietary Benchmark report allows you to predict and budget for what’s ahead. Knowing where your premium should be in the upcoming renewal helps you make the best decision for your business and its needs. And with our process starting months in advance, this turns the tables from reactionary to “actionary”!

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