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We don’t sell insurance…

We are not brokers or agents, and we do not represent insurance companies. We have developed a process to help you take back control of your workers compensation buying decisions.

  • We are not brokers or agents
  • We do not sell insurance
  • We do not represent insurance companies


By registering you take back control of your Workers Compensation buying process, and eliminate last minute (expensive) decisions.


Our proprietary process gives you a central point of control to obtain as many proposals as possible that are electronically prequalified using our exclusive proposal management and scoring system.


Your information is always confidential. You decide when it is released. You decide when you want a quote. You decide which (if any) producers can contact and provide you with proposals. You will not be buried in spam.



Enjoy the benefit of having to update your information only once annually to obtain the widest range of qualified proposals.

Every day at work your biggest challenge is controlling the rising cost of running a business. You have salary and payroll expense, supplier and vendor costs, healthcare and insurance expenses. One cost that goes up every year is workers compensation insurance. With all the challenges you face every day, how do you make the smartest workers comp buying decision?

  • What is the best program for your company?
  • How do you find the time to research all your options?
  • Are you tired of last minute quotes and annual rate increases?
  • How do you know you’re getting the best deal out there?

Wouldn’t it be really helpful if there was an objective source of information that can help you make a fully informed decision to find the one best program to fit your needs all with no cost and no risk to you? Now there is a simple and effective solution, introducing CompSure Insurance Solutions. CompSure is a workers compensation insurance information service provider.

No cost to compare

You decide which (if any) producers can contact and provide you with proposals. You will not be buried in spam. CompSure Insurance Solutions creates value for our clientele by connecting buyers and sellers to generate best in class programs for maximum results. Instant Access with Free Registration

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