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  • Use Our Premium Calculator

  • In order to project your net rates for your upcoming renewal we need the following information which can be found on your POLICY DECLARATION PAGE. IF you do not have your policy declaration page you can request one from your carrier, but it should be included.

    Class Code – This should be located in your policy, on your current “Declaration Page”.

    Description – Enter a description of the class code shown on your current “Declaration Page”.

    Carrier Rate – The carrier rate is located in your policy on your current “Declaration Page”. DO NOT ENTER NET RATES.

    Est. Payroll LY – Enter LAST YEARS estimated Payroll number for the class code. This is shown on your current “Declaration Page”.

    Est. Payroll TY – Enter next years estimated Payroll number for this class code.

    Class CodeDescriptionCarrier RateEst. Payroll LYEst. Payroll TY 
  • Use the + sign to the right of the last field to add additional lines as needed


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